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Industrial / Oil & Gas Websites

Comit Technologies has designed and developed a wide variety of websites for nationwide industrial businesses as well as companies in the Oil & Gas industry.

offshore cleaning systems

Offshore Cleaning Systems

In addition to standard tank & vessel cleaning, Offshore Cleaning Systems offers the most diverse solutions and technology in the oil & gas environmental services business. Comit Technologies provided them with an innovative website which could showcase their equipment in an informative, yet modern setting.

Filtration Technology Corporation

Filtration Technology Corporation

Filtration Technology Corporation has been providing custom engineered filtration products for industries such as Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, Power and more for over 23 years. They were in need of a modern, yet professional looking website to showcase their huge selection of filtration solutions and products. Comit developed a website that accomplished these goals and more.

AirTap Broadband Solutions

AirTap Communications

AirTap Communications, LLC was founded to create new wireless access means to better serve remote business communications in any environment. Since its inception, AirTap has developed and implemented several breakthrough wireless solutions.

CSI Inspection LLC

CSI Inspection, LLC

CSI Inspection, LLC is committed to providing the oil & gas industry with quality tubular inspection services. With locations throughout the country & an impeccable attention to employee training, they ensure that the equipment they inspect is safe and ready to be utilized. They came to Comit with a need for a website that showcases not only their services, but equipment & methods they use day in and day out.

Infinity Valve

Infinity Valve & Supply

Infinity Valve & Supply provides a wide range of products and services to the Oil and Gas industry nationwide. They were in need of a website that included information about who they are, the services they provide and the inventory they carry. Comit provided them with a design that not only achieved all of this, but also enhanced their brand.

Gulf 33

Gulf 33 Valve Pros

Gulf 33 Valve Pros specializes in valve maintenance and repairs. Their experience and emphasis on safety is portrayed through their website. This website was implemented into a content management system so that the client can freely update content as they please.



HUTCO, Inc. is a labor services firm specializing in long-term partnerships with its customers. They came to Comit Technologies in need of a simple brochure-type website which illustrated their brand effectively.

BIS Salamis

BIS Windpower

BIS Salamis is a Global Industrial Services company. When they branched out into the alternative energy sector, wind energy in particular, they came to Comit Technologies in need of a quick, but well-done professional web solution. Comit Technologies provided BIS Salamis with a website design as clean as the energy they help to produce, with easily identifiable information about their services and safety.

Performance Energy Products

Performance Energy Products

Performance Energy Products is a supplier of downhole drilling products and mud additives used in the oilfield industry. Comit Technologies delivered a clean, professional layout and user-friendly design, enabling viewers to navigate through the website with ease.



Catalyst is a leading provider of pipeline and construction services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Comit Technologies provided them with a standard brochure type site including their services, licenses & qualifications and also a photo gallery.

WHC Inc.

WHC Inc.

WHC Inc. is a company that specializes in services such as Turnkey Contracts, Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Rehab and Recoating, and much more. Comit Technologies provided WHC Inc. with a website that illustrates not only who they are, but also showcases their completed projects.


Aerion Rentals

Aerion Rental Services an oilfield Solids Controls company needed a brochure website to effectively advertise their services, but didn't have a large budget to work with. Comit Technologies delivered a professional, user friendly design with SEO friendly code on time and under budget, to keep them competing as a top service provider in the oilfield, commercial and industrial rental equipment industry.

Paws Pumps

Paws Pumps

PAWS Pumps, Inc. is an Oil and Gas rental equipment company that is the leader in pipe sling management for offshore drilling and production operations. Comit Technologies provided them with a user-friendly website containing a gallery of all of their equipment, which viewers can use to identify and contact for rentals.


Casing Systems International

Casing Systems International LLC manufactures cementing equipment for the oil and gas industries. Their products include Centralizers, Shoes/Collars, Cement Baskets, Stop Collars, Wipers/Scratchers and other Cementing Equipment. Comit Technologies designed and built a visually appealing website to their specifications, to increase CSI's client-base.

Clearflow Solutions

Clearflow Solutions

Clearflow Solutions, LLC is a specialized filtration company providing custom solutions to the Oil & Gas, refining, petrochemical, and environmental markets. Comit Technologies provided them with a stylish website which could harness a large amount of information while still being user-friendly.

miller energy group

Miller Energy Group

The Miller Group came to Comit Technologies in need of a quick resolution for an online presence. Comit set them up with a basic yet stylish website that accomplished their goals in both user functionality and readability.

Dupre Energy Services

Dupre Energy Services

Dupre Energy Services is a leading provider of rental equipment for onshore and offshore use in the energy industry. To maximize their footprint on the industry, they have created several companies that provide a multitude of services, such as equipment rental, pipeline construction, tubular inspection and more. Comit developed a simple website for them that serve as a corporate gateway to their different companies.

Midsouth Chemical

Mid South Chemical

Mid South Chemical needed a website redesign that would make their website more search engine friendly. Mid South sells water treatment chemicals to resellers all across the country. They noticed that their competitors were not utilizing Search Engine Optimization and saw an opportunity to become a leader in the industry. Mid South's new search engine friendly design is increasing their website traffic and has resulted in new distributors.

DNL Salvage

D&L Salvage

D & L Salvage requested a brochure type website to help advertise their products and services to their customers in the Oil & Gas industry. Comit built D&L a stunning website that has a downloadable brochure for clients to print out and take with them.

Sea Horse Systems

Sea Horse Systems

Sea Horse Systems builds Wastewater Treatment Systems for commercial and marine applications. The units that Sea Horse builds are extremely custom and have a narrow target audience. Comit Technologies built Sea Horse a visually appealing website that was optimized for a very specific audience. Today Sea Horse's website is attracting over 150 qualified leads per month.


Newpark Mats

When Newpark decided to merge 5 different companies together under one name, they needed to combine 5 websites into one, but they still wanted customers familiar with the previous companies to feel immediately comfortable with the new one. Comit designed a website with familiar elements from the old companies, while remaining distinctly different from previous websites. Comit Technologies integrated the website into a content management system, and provided a real-time stock ticker for Newpark's stock.

Comm Engineering

Comm Engineering

COMM Engineering has been a leader in the field of engineering, environmental consulting, vapor recovery systems and greenhouse gas emissions reduction since 1991. They required an eco-friendly website, with an earthy aesthetic, as well as a Vent/Flare Gas Value Calculator, and dynamic contact web form for the various services they offer. Comit Technologies provided them with an SEO friendly website with a distinct Earthy feel to it, as well as programming a calculator for Vent/Flare gas value and a unique web feedback form for the different services they offer.


Gauthiers Rental

Gauthier's Rental, a leader in DNV 2.7-1 containers, chose Comit Technologies to build a state of the art website that allows their customers to login to and verify equipment certifications. Comit built a custom application that managed certifications as well as the location for all equipment in the field allowing their business to better manage their rental fleet. Their website not only looks great, but it ties in with the complete marketing package of brochures, business cards and letterheads keeping the Gauthier Rental corporate identity consistent throughout all marketing collateral.


GulfLand Structures

GulfLand Structures is quickly establishing itself as one of the industry’s premier suppliers of onshore and offshore living quarters. Seeing a value for a web presence, they contacted Comit Technologies to create an eye catching website. Comit Technologies built a professional looking, SEO friendly website fitting their budget needs.

Occu Safe

Occupational Safety Training, Inc.

Occupational Safety Training provides a full spectrum of safety training services to a variety of industries. OST needed a customized website redesign that would allow clients to schedule for classes online. The site that Comit designed has a Training Calendar and online scheduling abilities.


Advanced Graphic Engraving

Advanced Graphic Engraving is the premier source for engraved stainless steel, control system tags, and graphics and custom signs for over 10 years. Comit provided them with a sleek website that was not only informational but also stylish.



Preventive Maintenance Services, INC. (PMSI), offers an array of engineering services, as well as operations, maintenance and repair services. Comit designed a website that enhanced their brand and also listed their available inventory.


ABL Industries

ABL Industries is an oilfield equipment provider to Stric-Lan Well Testers, Peerless Manufacturing, EXPRO Americas, Baker Oil Tools, BJ Services, MI SWACO, Cross-Tex, Tetra Well Testing, Mariner, EDG Engineering, Murphy Oil, FMC Technologies, Oceaneering, and Stella Maris to name a few.

Gulf 33

Pine Island Chemical

Pine Island Chemical Solutions is a privately owned and operated full service oilfield chemical company offering a wide variety of products and services to the Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas markets.

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