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Although it is still in working stages, Comit Technologies will provide a vast selection of free SEO Tools off of our webpage, for the benefit of small business owners and other SEO operators.

We will be offering tools to review the behind-the-scenes SEO work of web pages, like page size, source code, meta tags, keywords, the number of times keywords appear on the web page and outbound links. With this set of tools, you will be able to review all the information search engines look at within your own website to better market it for SEO.

Because having the proper keywords is one of the most important aspects of what is on a web page, we'll have several tools that suggest keywords and keyword phrases to use based on the content on your page, as well as a tool that finds frequently used keywords for your content.

Once you have an SEO website, the next step is getting other websites to link to yours. Our tools will allow you to see what websites link to you with extended details about them. Also, you'll be able to find suggestions for website directories that match your content, as well as which professional websites would be the best to seek links from. You'll also have access to tools that report back search engine comparisons between your site and your competitors' sites.

Bookmark our site and check back soon, as these tools are so useful, you'll be at a disadvantage if you miss out!

What can we say? Your Comit Team is professional, personal, and for all intents and purposes...perfect. You not only designed our dream website, but did so with such interest and attention to detail.

Dr. Trey Carlton

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