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Tips for Generating Links

Link popularity is one of the most important variables in search engine algorithms. Without too much depth into technical details: your site needs links. Basically, each link from another site serves as a vote for your site in the search engines. You WILL benefit from them.

While Everyone would like to sign up for a link exchange program that will instantly give them over 1000 links pointing back to their site, we say stay away. Link Exchange programs were the way to build links in the 90's. Today's search engines are much more sophisticated and are able to sniff out link exchange programs and may actually penalize you for using one.

A quality link building campaign is the only way to generate truly unique links. Link building is not an easy task that is why Comit Technologies Website Optimization services handles this for you. We make it no secret how we build links to your website because we understand the time it takes to build quality links. Here are some of our tips for building links to your website.

  • Use the Google Search "Link:www.COMPETITORSDOMAIN.com" to see who is linking to your competitor's website. Ask for them to link to you as well.
  • Submit your website to specialized and local directories.
  • Register with Google Local https://www.google.com/local/add/login
  • Ask friends and family to link to your site.
  • Ask employees to link to you.
  • Contact the manufacturer of your products and ask to be a featured client.
  • Send information to newsletter and announcement sites.
  • Send out press releases.
  • Figure out where your potential clients hang out on the Internet, and get those sites to link to you.
  • Write testimonials and submit them to your vendors
  • Mention your site in discussion groups.
  • Ask a question (FAQ) and include a link.
  • Apply for online awards.
  • Create a signature for your email with a link back to your website.

Comit Technologies Search Engine Optimization has been extremely successful at Pixus. We have seen over a 350% increase in our web traffic from search engines after the optimization of our site.

Todd Landry
General Manager

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