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Internet Marketing Are you looking for a way to increase your presence on the web and improve your ranking in the search engines? Comit Technologies' expert Internet Marketing team uses a proven marketing campaign to bring you continued improvement in your web presence.

The first step is using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly techniques to build the actual webpage from the ground up in ways that search engines, like Google and Yahoo, recognize, resulting in improved rankings.

Did you know that search engines do not recognize web images or flash files? Entire websites are built using images and flash for navigation, and even use flash files for the written content of the website. Unfortunately, search engines don't understand these files and as a result, the search engine won't know where to place your website, and anybody searching for it won't be able to find it.

Comit Technologies uses our experience in designing expert SEO websites to ensure that your potential customers won't drown in a sea of websites while searching for yours.

However, if you're satisfied with your website and only want to take advantage of our marketing services, then Comit's SEO Consulting Service is perfect for you. We make minor, behind-the-scenes changes to the code that runs your existing website, before beginning our extensive Website Marketing campaign to increase web traffic, expand upon your web presence and earn higher rankings in search engine results. We report an extensive list of measurable results that we use to mark your progress and to continually find ways to improve upon it. Contact a Comit representative today to discuss the right SEO Consulting campaign for your needs.

Some of our Website Marketing tactics include:

  • Link Building
  • Directory Submissions
  • PPC Management
  • Viral Marketing

Link Building is one of the most important aspects to any SEO project. Search engines use several different factors to determine what order websites in the returned search listings will fall in. The amount of credible links pointing to your website from other websites is a big way in which they determine this. Our market analysis team conducts research to determine what links would be most beneficial to improving your rankings, whether it's from product manufacturers, business associations, or websites associated with your business, but that aren't in direct competition with it. Let Comit Technologies handle the time consuming Link Building process for you.

Directory Submissions are great for increasing one way links pointing to your website, because they are human reviewed listings of websites that are placed into categories according to subject matter. Because the directories are human reviewed to ensure relevance to the category they are submitted to, search engines give them a higher level of trust. We hand submit your website to the 26 directories that we have identified as providing the most traffic for the amount of money they charge for listings. Directory Submission is a challenging and time consuming process, let Comit Technologies save you time and get your site listed.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management is a successful way to immediately turn investment into results, by paying to jump to the head of search engine results. We decide the search keywords that best fit your website, and then submit bids to search engines to include your website in the top three listings, which you will only pay for if the user clicks on your link. You decide what your daily budget is, and we continually monitor traffic generated by the clicks so you can decide if your budget needs an increase or decrease. Contact Comit Technologies today to discuss the right PPC Management budget for your website.

Viral Marketing is a buzzword among Website Marketers these days, but simply put it's starting a word-of-mouth campaign to effectively spread links to your website and generate traffic from unconventional places. There are no set ways to accomplish this, and our expert Viral Marketing team tailors the campaign to your specific website. We might add a blog or an industry news section to your website and submit it to popular news sites like Digg.com, which will generate both links and traffic to your website. Our creative Viral Marketing team at Comit Technologies is always brainstorming for new ways to improve your presence on the web.

Contact a customer service representative today to discuss your new Internet Website Marketing campaign with Comit Technologies.

Comit Technologies Search Engine Optimization has been extremely successful at Pixus. We have seen over a 350% increase in our web traffic from search engines after the optimization of our site.

Todd Landry
General Manager

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