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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Search Engines 101

How do search engines work?
Search engines have been around for years trying to find relevant information on the Internet. Major search engines maintain enormous databases of web sites that users can search.

To gather their information, search engines use indexing programs called "spiders." These programs "crawl" across the web by following links and indexing each website they visit. Each search engine uses its own set of criteria to decide what to include in its database. For example, some search engines index each page in a web site, while others index only the main page. These parameters that the spiders use change from day to day. Comit Technologies search Engine Specialist keep up to date with the changes in these spiders to keep your website listed near the top.

Every search engine uses different criteria in ranking websites so it is important for your SEO Company to keep up to date with the changing technology. Currently about 60% of the searches performed on the Internet are through Google. Comit Technologies has spent many years analyzing the Google bots and can custom tailor your website to rank near the top for most of your keywords.

Directories are often confused with search engines, but actually they're completely different. Instead of using spiders to crawl the web, directories such as Yahoo! and Open Directory Project have real people who review and index their links.

Hybrid search engines: The new generation
Hybrid search engines combine a directory with a search engine to give their visitors the most relevant results. Today the top ten search sites are hybrids. For example, Yahoo! started out as a directory, but now it supplements its manually compiled listings with search a spider driven search engine. On the other hand, Google and many others use the Open Directory Project's directory to enrich its automatically generated listings.

An Overview

  • Search engines and directories
  • Search engines use robots
  • Directories use people
  • Top search engines have both robots and people.

Comit Technologies Search Engine Optimization has been extremely successful at Pixus. We have seen over a 350% increase in our web traffic from search engines after the optimization of our site.

Todd Landry
General Manager

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