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Viral Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation Services The term Viral Marketing is one that has been around since the dawn of the Internet, but until recently, its applications have been generally limited. Although the term viral has negative undertones, the results can be extremely positive. Like a virus, the idea is to spread a link to your website across the Internet. A web surfer finds something of interest on a website and posts a link on a website or web blog. Other web surfers find the link and, in turn, add it to their websites or blogs, starting a chain reaction of interest surrounding your website. One link to your website can quickly turn into 100 links, which will result in higher search engine rankings for your website.

The million dollar question is: how do you generate enough interest to entice people to link to your website? Comit's creative viral marketing team employs a variety of techniques to generate public interest in your website. We analyze your business to determine the best way to create an Internet buzz loud enough to successfully build quality links to your website.

Some of our Viral Marketing tactics include:

  • Creating valuable resource listings that other professionals in your field will benefit from.
  • Creating an Industry News section that will naturally generate interest.
  • Creating your own blog about topics relevant to your field to entice new viewers and gain links from other blogs.
  • Creating your own video podcasts about topics relevant to your field.
  • Submitting articles written by our talented copy writing team to Social Bookmarking websites that bloggers use for ideas to write about.
  • Offering referral programs for links from high profile websites or blogs.

The earliest example of Viral Marketing comes from Hotmail, which attached a footer at the end of every e-mail sent by Hotmail users inviting potential new users to join Hotmail with a link to their website. Although recent technologies, like the blogosphere, have greatly expanded the viral marketing possibilities, the basic principle remains the same.

Contact us today to set up a consultation so our creative Viral Marketing team can begin brainstorming on the most effective ways to spread your company's brand throughout the Internet.

As a result of all your efforts, we are now listed in the top 10 for snowcones and snowcone syrup on Yahoo. I commend you and your team, Spencer. Congratulations and thank you for a job well done!"

Jay Davidson

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